Decking & Fascias: 3 decks totaling 1,128 square feet of Trex “Transcend” collection composite “Spiced Rum” color with “Lava Rock” borders.

Railings: White aluminum with glass panels. Removed, cleaned and re-installed after decking was complete.

Owner Review:
"Replacing a large deck is not a fun project especially when your deck is wobbly, rotting, slippery and you wonder if you should let people walk on it. It also is not fun because you know it will be expensive. Really expensive. Then you have to find a contractor-- and here are some of my favorite experiences during the estimate phase: one contractor said he was quoting to rip out the ugly deck first and start from scratch; another asked if he could sketch my deck and spent over an hour drawing it in great detail before telling me that he did not want the job but would quote it if I wanted; another said it would be complete in two days (which included painting time); and one of my favorites was the one who handed me a loan application to review as he looked at the deck. When TJ from RTI Services showed up things changed. First of all, TJ was new or nervous or anxious and his iPad (( think it was an iPad) was not working so he could not show me examples. Either I had to use my computer or he brought in a laptop-- either way, the experience gave me a deeper look. His price was fair, competitive and he was accommodating. I went When I asked about a potential alteration to the deck, he went home and drew it up in CAD and sent me what he thought. I was convinced that he and his company would do the work. The work took 3 + weeks. Monday thru Friday from 7:00AM - 4:00PM most days, Two to four workers were on site on time. They kept everything clean, organized and accommodated for our dog. Their work was impeccable, their dedication to quality high and wanted to hear if anything was bugging me. My wobbly, rotting, slippery deck did need some maintenance which was included in his estimate. He had not other charges outside of what he had in the bid; I had a few changes which resulted in additional costs and when one of the changes reduced his work, he automatically reduced his estimate-- it did not occur to me to ask or expect that to happen. I would highly recommend RTI Services for their customer loyalty, their craftsmanship, their work ethic and their outstanding character. They are experts in their industry and they understand the concerns of their customer base. In the end, I got what I needed and wanted: a deck that was safe, strong and beautiful."
- Sammamish, WA -
Mark F.
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