Decking & Fascias: 275 square feet of Fortress Apex brand PVC “Brazilian Teak” color with “Himalayan Cedar” borders.

Railings: 53 linear feet of non-incised lumber with Fortress Apex “Brazilian Teak” rail caps.

Owner Review:
"As local residents we need to support local businesses that deserve our support. RTI is one of those businesses. I watched these gents work and they know what they are doing. They were courteous and professional. TJ gave me four options with various levels of expense. Straight up and no BS. I had 4 other bids, some less money, but when I peeled back the layers, there were corners cut, or inferior materials that were put into the bid, while maintaining a higher price, which would have resulted in an inferior finished product.  Not so with TJ and RTI. One bid, was asking almost a third of the entire project in just the footings. Look, here is the bottom line. TJ kept in contact, the others did not. TJ changed some things last minute, quite a bit of work, with a minimal charge. The RTI team showed up, set up and went at it.   They were efficient and effective. Here at 8:00am or before every day.  There was no need for calling like many contractors I have dealt with to see where they were and if they were going to show up. RTI used very good pressure treated wood for the posts and support beams from a good local supplier, not the cheap big box store stuff that is not straight with a guarantee of 25 years and rots out at 5 in our weather here in Seattle. Save yourself some time. Do it right and let TJ and his team have your deck building business. It’s all up front and no corners cut. We have very picky members of our family, myself included. They have driven out of their way to come see the new deck and the questions and comments were very common:  “Wow, this is really nice! Who did this?" My only regret is that I regret is that I love to build things like this and those days are over for me. With what I have done and the experience I have gained from doing those things, as I watched the RTI team work, all the time wishing I could help, my consolation was at least knowing… this was done right!"
- Sammamish, WA -
Mike B.
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