Decking & Fascias: 700 square feet of Trex “Transcend” collection composite “Havana Gold” color with “Lava Rock” borders & fascias.

Railings: 133 lineal feet of non-incised lumber with black aluminum balusters and Trex “Lava Rock” rail caps.

Owner Review:
"We hired RTI to remove the old rotting portions of our deck but to recycle any useable portions. These guys are brilliant at what they do. They shored up our deck and replaced 13 old posts and the totally inadequate footings and replaced all 13 posts. If anything was ‘off’ and not meeting code (by the prior builder) they showed us and had a solution already planned. We have a big deck that is 700+ sq. Feet but a very irregular shape. They worked their way carefully and methodically through every step until they finished with our gorgeous new deck that is a testament to their craftsmanship. Their professional, upbeat attitude is truly a rarity. We loved our crew and LOVE our new deck! Thank to you all!"
Catie S.
- Brier, WA -